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hypnotherapy vancouver bc lazzaro pisu

Are panicky feelings, stress and anxiety having a devastating effect on your life?

When you think about it, the symptoms we display when feeling stressed, anxious or when we are in a panic, are all quite natural ‘fight or flight’ responses that as humans we all have. In our early evolution, it was a life saving response. When we came across a predator, we had to do one of two things – stay and fight it, or run away as quickly as possible.

The thing is that as a society, we have generally moved on – we no longer have to fight in the literal sense to survive. However, we do have other things to do in our everyday lives, that although might not be considered life threatening, seem to have taken the place of that sabre-toothed tiger in the way we react to them.

hypnotherapy vancouver bc lazzaro pisu

So, things such as presentations at work, social situations and interviews, for example can all lead to stress. In some instances a small amount of stress can be a good thing. A little adrenaline running through the bloodstream can help us perform better. The problems can arise when we seem to be almost in a constant state of alert. Whether you are feeling stressed because of something happening in your life today, something in your past, or a combination of the two, I can help you to deal with the stress in the best way for you, using techniques that you can quickly learn – tools for life. We will, at the same time be tackling the reason that stress is a problem for you in the first place – whatever that reason is.

hypnotherapy vancouver bc lazzaro pisu

Sometimes when stress has been present for an amount of time, this can lead to anxiety, and anxiety can lead to panic. When you have anxiety, often you may be suffering inside about something that is external to you and usually beyond your control. We can work on ways that show you that you can have control over the feelings you have. Once you realize you can take back control, you could be surprised at just how easily you can get any feelings of panic in their rightful place once again.

That panic feeling may be frightening, but it is not life-threatening and it will pass quickly. The good news is that you can take control of the stresses and anxieties in your life to make panic and debilitating anxiety a thing of the past.





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hypnotherapy-vancouverDepression is generally better described by its symptoms than its causes; after all, each individual has their own story.  It is most often marked by feelings of hopelessness,low self-worth and a loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed.

Troubled sleep, low energy, poor concentration, lack of appetite – any or all of these may also be present. Depression can result in a failure to meet responsibilities (financial, etc.), a loss of relationships, and at worst contemplation or attempts at suicide.

As society’s knowledge of mental issues expands, depression is being demystified and more openly talked about. The stigma is not what it used to be. However, there are still many people who experience a sense of shame or guilt around their depression and this is more a hindrance than a help toward healing.

anxietyHow does hypnotherapy help?

At International Healing Clinic we appreciate that you may have never spoken about your depression with anyone before, and we hold in high regard your bravery in seeking assistance. Through open and understanding conversation we can begin to bring light to an otherwise dark state of existence. Just unburdening yourself can make a world of difference.


The biggest benefits, however, come by way of the hypnosis-facilitated therapy. We work at the subconscious root of your depression to effect deep, lasting, positive changes. These are benefits are extended by waking-state rational discussions and behavioral interventions, making for a well-rounded approach to healing. This allows you to move freely towards a brighter future.

For an effective and compassionate approach to healing your depression, call International Healing Clinic at 604 202 7938.


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anxietyAfter experiencing periods of social, performance or generalized anxiety, many of our clients say they feel lost, desperate and scared.

The physical symptoms of a racing heart, sweaty hands and a sickness in the stomach, together with the psychological symptoms of paranoia and mental ‘floating’, make for an incredibly unpleasant experience.

But when the trigger involves our career, our primary relationships, our social lives or even something as basic as travel, this can make an unpleasant experience so much worse and anxiety can end up controlling us and having a dramatic impact on the quality of our lives.

anxietyOver the past decade or so, using a mix of Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) I helped thousands of clients identify and deal with the root cause of their anxiety and at the same time, to cultivate a much greater sense of physical relaxation, mental calmness, self-confidence and self-belief.

In the treatment of social anxiety, performance anxiety or generalised anxiety disorders, it is important to understand that consciously trying to control anxiety through rational thought alone can prove to be extremely difficult.

The reason is that what we focus on we tend to amplify, so trying to think our way out of anxiety can lead to us creating evermore anxiety provoking thoughts, which can only serve to increase the symptoms.

anxietyAnd many of our clients try the complete opposite of this strategy – they talk about avoiding those situations where they expect to experience anxiety the most. Of course, this in of itself, can also exacerbate the problem by making the fear so much worse and preventing us from moving forward in life.

The reason why we’re successful at helping clients to resolve anxiety disorders and panic attacks is because we work across both the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind.

Through Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), we work with a clients unconscious mind, or more specifically their belief system, memory and imagination.

Through the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy we also work at a rational and logical level and the combination of the two can be very powerful indeed.

Add a little wisdom and that most scarce of resources within the therapeutic environment – common sense – and we can help you ensure that all that old unwanted anxiety that has had so much control over you, comfortably becomes a thing of the past.

For most clients we would look to see them between two and four times – appointments last 2 hours with costs ranging from $200 – $120 per session 

So if your are interested in overcoming anxiety or panic, call International Healing Clinic now at 604 292 7938 or complete the Form ENTER HERE.




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Your First Hypnosis Session – How does it work?


Hypnosis is a talking therapy. It uses words to help the client to change their behaviour. Our first session will start with the taking of a detailed client record to understand the client and their problem. Sessions may vary in length between one hour and 1 1/2 hours. Smoking is normally dealt with in two sessions. Other problems might be dealt with in a single session but more commonly take several, depending on their complexity. However, a  consultant  hypnotist expect to help their clients (assuming that it is a problem which can be helped with hypnosis) in relatively few sessions compared, say, to traditional psychotherapy where it may be usual to have weekly sessions for a long period of time. A hypnotist will normally expect to see some beneficial change in the client after three sessions.


If you have not been in hypnosis before, the consultant hypnotist will want to explain hypnosis to you, and answer any questions you may have, to ensure that you are entirely comfortable about the process. Sometimes people who have seen stage hypnosis shows do not realise how pleasurable, in fact how ordinary, a hypnotic trance can be. Everybody is different, but most people feel a pleasant heaviness in their arms and legs; a feeling that while they could move them they would rather not bother. Your eyes will be closed and there may be a similar feeling in the eyelids. You can hear everything that is going on around you and, in particular, the voice of the therapist, but other sounds will start to seem less relevant, your mind may drift a little and you may not be sure whether you have heard everything that has been said. It is your conscious mind that is having this doubt; your unconscious mind will have absorbed it all.



There are a number of hypnotic trance phenomena but the most relevant one for the client to understand is the posthypnotic suggestion. This is a suggestion made to the client while in trance but which will continue to affect the client and influence his or her behaviour when out of trance. At a first session, hypnosis may be used to start giving suggestions for change, or it may just be used for relaxation and to prepare the client’s subconscious mind for change at the next session. Either way, the consultant hypnotist is likely to take you into a hypnotic trance during your first session. Most people find that the immediate effect — the feeling that you have while in trance — becomes stronger each time you go into trance


There are a large number of ways of inducing a hypnotic trance, some fast and some slow, some just using words and some physical actions. Once a person has gone into trance the  consultant hypnotist  will often use a further script to deepen the trance. This may be done with visual imagery, encouraging the client to imagine a garden, a beach or a mountain walk; or it may use an awakening of early memories; or it may be by confusing the conscious mind in some way so that it becomes preoccupied or, alternatively, chooses to go off duty. Whichever way is chosen, the effect is to create a deeper relaxation of both body and mind, giving easier access to the subconscious mind. At this point the hypnotist will start to give suggestions, which may be direct or indirect, knowing that they will be taken on board by the subconscious mind, without interference from the logical, rational, conscious mind.

hypnosis-testLATER SESSIONS

The consultant hypnotist may well teach you self-hypnosis. This is a simple technique which you can use to relax in your own home. While relaxing you can reinforce the suggestions you have been given, you can review your goals and give yourself more motivation, or you can simply relax (very helpful for insomnia). Your consultant hypnotist may ask you to do certain tasks between sessions, such as keeping an eating diary if you want to reduce weight, or doing something which you previously had a reluctance to do if you have a phobia. In some cases the consultant hypnotist may give you a CD containing the suggestions which you have already been given in trance. The reason for the repetition, whether in self hypnosis, or listening to a CD, is that the subconscious mind is affected by compounding and will give more weight or importance to a suggestion received many times. The advertising industry knows all about this!


Because  hypnosis works by offering ideas for change to the subconscious mind it can be helpful with any behavior or disorders caused by, or affected in some way by, the state of the client’s mind. This turns out to be quite a long list of psychosomatic or psychogenic conditions, some of which are listed below. However, if you have some problem which is not specifically listed, and you wonder whether hypnosis can help you you only have to ask, see Contact. Although hypnosis can be a very effective way to help you, the client, you must remember that it should not be thought of as a magic wand! Neither you nor the consultant hypnotist will know everything that is in your subconscious mind; every client is unique and, while the session will be tailored to you as an individual, the consultant hypnotist  is not omnipotent.


Many of us are creatures of habit, and when it is a good habit that can be very helpful by ensuring that we do things which are necessary or beneficial. But when it is a bad habit, or one which we no longer think is good although we may have thought so at one time, then we seem to be a prisoner of our past. Despite all our good intentions to change we find that will power is not enough. Our logical minds know that we should change our behavior but somehow it is just too difficult, and each time we try to change, but fail, this reinforces in us a feeling that we cannot change. Both hypnosis and NLP provide excellent ways of breaking the cycle of failure and so can help you to make the change that you want to make. This is an important point — you must want to make the change — and it is not sufficient for somebody else (e.g. a parent or spouse) to think that you should make the change. If your heart is not in it the change is unlikely to happen. Examples of behavioral change: Smoking cessation Over eating and weight reduction Insomnia Nail-biting Blushing Addictions Alcohol .


Often if we look at people who are more successful in life we realise that it is not because they are more intelligent, rather it is because they are more confident and better motivated to achieve their objective. In their own mind they have convinced themselves that they can succeed and, as a result, they do succeed. Achieving a more positive attitude of mind is a normal part of any hypnosis session. Of course, the goals that we set ourselves must be reasonable bearing in mind the skills that we have and the effort that we are prepared to put in. Failure to achieve our goals, or a conflict between work pressures, life pressures and the time available, can lead to stress. The more stressed we feel, the worse we perform and a vicious circle develops. Hypnosis, with its emphasis on relaxation, can be a potent force for change when allied with better goal and priority setting, leading to management and reduction of stress. Under the wide heading of personal development we can list:

  • Building self confidence and self-esteem
  • Encouraging relaxation
  • Stress management
  • Emotional difficulties
  • Relationship problems
  • Reduction of anxiety
  • Exam preparation
  • Driving test preparation
  • Assertiveness
  • Life coaching and goal setting
  • Sports or artistic performance enhancement
    Vancouver Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis, Life Coaching & Counselling
    Call: (1) 604 2027938



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Whatever your goal…hypnosis can help

Delighting woman face

Whatever your goal…hypnosis can help.

Hypnosis is recognized by the medical profession as a useful and powerful complimentary therapy… * In 1955 the British Medical Association issued a report stating that hypnosis was a valuable medical tool. * In 1958 the American Medical Association recognized hypnosis as a viable scientific modality. * In 1962 the American Psychiatric Association recognized that hypnosis was a viable modality to treat some psychological problems.

hypnosis-testOur subconscious mind is always at work, absorbing and recording all what we see, hear, touch, smell, taste and say every second of every day of our lives>.You know the feeling…there is something in your life that you would like to change or improve upon…but you have not found the right way to do so yet. At least, until now…During hypnosis we access our subconscious mind to resolve our problems quickly and forever. When we experience hypnosis, we do NOT lose control at any time and remember the whole experience, if we so wish.

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How to learn and grow from mistakes

vancouver-bc-hypnotherapy“Don’t get bogged down by the mistakes you make in your life as it only keeps you in the past.Start to think what you can learn and how you can grow from the mistake and implement this into your life.Accept your limitations but also accept the wonderful potential you have as a unique human being.”

At some point in your life you have said the wrong thing, did something you regret or not fulfilled a promise. You may think “why did I say that?”, “what was I thinking”, “can’t believe I did that”, “If only I could rewind my life and do it again”.

Although you feel frustrated and dislike making mistakes you also allow yourself to get stuck in the past, reliving and rerunning the mistakes in your mind over and over again. This simply leads to stress and anxiety.

When you focus on the mistakes in this way the body listens and responds and may create even more mistakes as this is what your body believes you want. By doings this, you beat yourself up and create even more suffering to yourself.

You can stop this cycle of mistakes and suffering

vancouver-bc-hypnotherapyAccept your limitations of being human. By this I mean humans are not perfect and you are not perfect either. I do not know one person who has never made a mistake in their life. Realise you are allowed to make mistakes in this life as this helps to create a retaliation of what you want in life, creates life lessons and growth to help you understand yourself better and the world around you.

Give yourself permission to be human, give yourself permission to make mistakes. Learn to accept and forgive yourself. It doesn’t mean you are not trying your best – it simply means you are human.

Mistakes can lead to growth

Do mistakes make you want to give up or ignore them and throw in the towel? If so, the opportunity for growth and improvement is wasted and the lesson lost.

Rather than focusing on the mistake and getting stuck in the past and self-blame – start to think of the mistake as an opportunity of growth. Mistakes mean your are living your life to the full, trying new things, testing new waters.

By changing your focus and energy towards growth and understanding helps to create confidence and courage. Ask yourself these questions:

“What can I learn from the mistake?”
“What can I do differently next time?”
“Is this mistake a pattern in my life?”
“What does this mistake say about me, my life and my relationships?”

Growth leads to happiness

vancouver-bc-hypnotherapyGrowth is an integral part of happiness. If we do not accept and love the part of us which makes mistakes how can we be truly happy within ourselves?

Nurture that part of you, speak and care for it like a child who needs guidance and support. Fear of making mistakes can hold you back so with this new understanding helps to create change and new opportunities.

Tell yourself (and believe it!):
“I see mistakes are opportunities”
“I am human but I also accept my wonderful potential in this life”
“I am beginning to accept myself and all the things I have said and done”
“Today I choose to let go of my past and create new possibilities”.

This life is a precious gift, you can begin to live your life with courage and determination to help you to discover your true unique human potential.

Live….be courageous….create understanding…..create opportunities….AND ENJOY!



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Stop the violence against women

stop_violence_against_women_Domestic violence has been brought to the forefront of community consciousness and the silence has been broken. Yet, many women and their children live in fear, where the real terror that impacts their lives is not an external force but one within the walls of their home.

Domestic violence is the leading cause of homelessness for women and children.
Many are unable to live in their homes because the risk of abuse is too great. Forced to flee, a growing number of women and children are living in cars, caravan parks, boarding houses, refuges or couch surfing. Our homes should be safe havens but for some women they are places of fear, control and intimidation. For them, fleeing is the better option, despite the cold and uncertainty.

stop_violence_against_women_On average one woman a week is killed as a result of intimate partner violence. Women are three times more likely than men to experience violence from an intimate partner.
I invite you to dedicate some of you time to increasing awareness of the scourge of domestic terror and working to prevent it from occurring at all. It seeks to create a change in culture that allows this violence to take place in which violence against women is no longer misunderstood, excused or joked about. One of the ways it does this is by operating prevention programs.

If you or someone you know is experiencing violence, call for advice or support.