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Can Hypnosis Help with Depression?

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women-healthHypnosis is one of the most effective treatments for depression . Depression is a condition which can sneak up on you without you realizing it. You may find that you gradually find less and less enjoyment in doing things that you previously enjoyed. Depression is something we unconsciously “do” rather than “have”. As people, we develop many different behavior which are unconsciously driven to protect ourselves from pains and fears. Or we may find certain emotions unbearable.

As we develop as children, we form both conscious and unconscious beliefs about ourselves and different aspects of the world around us. As adults, we tend to play out “scripts” to prove those beliefs we developed in childhood to be correct.
Hypnosis used to help with depression allows us to access those unconscious beliefs and world-views that were formed in our younger years. For example, if we grow up forming the belief “I’m not good enough”, we will feel incapable of handling the ups and downs of general life. Or we may feel as though nothing goes right for us. We may then, at an unconscious level, go about “proving” that we are not good enough to get that better job, or to be in a loving relationship. If we grow up forming the belief that “people will hurt you if you let them get close”, then we will unconsciously protect ourselves from getting hurt by keeping people at a safe distance. This keeping people at a distance then leaves us feeling alone, isolated and not good enough.

Hypnosis is an effective treatment for depression where hypnosis is used in conjunction with other modalities of technique to uncover those unconscious beliefs and also the earlier experiences that helped to form those limiting beliefs. Hypnosis gives access to the emotions experienced at the time; and so enables you to untangle yourself emotionally from those past experiences. Hypnosis can also help with depression by using the state of hypnosis to rehearse new strategies. Hypnosis  can be used to build new neural pathways in the brain so that you can overcome depression and get on with the task of living and enjoying your life.

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