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hypnotherapy vancouver bc lazzaro pisu

Are panicky feelings, stress and anxiety having a devastating effect on your life?

When you think about it, the symptoms we display when feeling stressed, anxious or when we are in a panic, are all quite natural ‘fight or flight’ responses that as humans we all have. In our early evolution, it was a life saving response. When we came across a predator, we had to do one of two things – stay and fight it, or run away as quickly as possible.

The thing is that as a society, we have generally moved on – we no longer have to fight in the literal sense to survive. However, we do have other things to do in our everyday lives, that although might not be considered life threatening, seem to have taken the place of that sabre-toothed tiger in the way we react to them.

hypnotherapy vancouver bc lazzaro pisu

So, things such as presentations at work, social situations and interviews, for example can all lead to stress. In some instances a small amount of stress can be a good thing. A little adrenaline running through the bloodstream can help us perform better. The problems can arise when we seem to be almost in a constant state of alert. Whether you are feeling stressed because of something happening in your life today, something in your past, or a combination of the two, I can help you to deal with the stress in the best way for you, using techniques that you can quickly learn – tools for life. We will, at the same time be tackling the reason that stress is a problem for you in the first place – whatever that reason is.

hypnotherapy vancouver bc lazzaro pisu

Sometimes when stress has been present for an amount of time, this can lead to anxiety, and anxiety can lead to panic. When you have anxiety, often you may be suffering inside about something that is external to you and usually beyond your control. We can work on ways that show you that you can have control over the feelings you have. Once you realize you can take back control, you could be surprised at just how easily you can get any feelings of panic in their rightful place once again.

That panic feeling may be frightening, but it is not life-threatening and it will pass quickly. The good news is that you can take control of the stresses and anxieties in your life to make panic and debilitating anxiety a thing of the past.





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Discover a place of healing where only the best 10 experts from a variety of fields come together to assist you in reaching your health goals. We offer sessions in alternative therapies, and our practitioners provide practical and achievable solutions to your health and well-being issues; and, they do so in a calm and supportive environment. Here, you’ll find a place where you can connect mind, body and spirit and discover how to live a balanced and healthy life. Body, Mind and Spiritual Wellness is a great place to learn about health and wellness and their benefits, and kick start a healthy program that will allow you to relax, take a break from this busy world and find some tranquility.

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