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Is Simply Just Déjà Vu

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Hello once again!

Every Day is Simply Just Déjà VuWell, I am once again sitting here with my favorite cup of coffee thinking about where this blog is going to go. Yes, I had a topic all lined up, planned for a number of days – I was going to be talking about the levels of salt and sugar in our food – and yes I do fully believe that the food industry is slowly killing us. The lower the quality of the food, it appears that the more salt or sugar ‘they’ put in… BUT, I just felt that it wasn’t the right time for me to be talking about that subject. It is crucially important and I am seeking to make changes to my own intake levels, however, it’s a subject for another day.

Today I am going to be talking about something else – something that we all let happen and it just passes us by. We know it – but we don’t know it.

Stuck in a rut?

We do get stuck in a rut don’t we, firmly in the groove so to speak. I mean, we go to work… work hard pay our bills and mortgage… buy ‘stuff’ that we think we need and go on holidays that we seem to need more and more each year, which in itself is a cause of stress of course. The whole year is one never ending, big commercial and stressful circle, from Christmas to Christmas. So what, you may be asking? Please believe me that this isn’t a rant, I do get to make a point.

There simply has to be another way doesn’t there? You see, I know that I am lucky to be in the position I am, as a hypnotherapist I really do love my job. I get to help others daily and this just can’t be bettered. I am able to take time with in my day to simply observe life. Regularly I see things around me that people who are in their own moment don’t. This deep rut isn’t limited to simply your daily routines of course – get up, work, come home watch TV. It is everywhere in life. Let’s take Social Media such as Facebook or LinkedIN. Merely, it is the same things day in day out: 10 ways to better your blog; you wouldn’t believe what happened next; paste this to show you care; leadership theories state that; are you doing this well; eat less… stop this or that… blah blah blah. Am I the only one who is thoroughly and absolutely bored with the same lack of variety here. Humans are amazing, unique, and hugely creative so why is it the same same same same? I have practically stopped reviewing the internet. Now, I concentrate on just being me and the important things in life. I ask you these questions:

If this was your last day… would you be happy looking back with what you have been doing? Did you do everything you wanted to do in life? Did you spend time with those that meant the most? Are you with the person you want to be? Did you fulfill your potential? Did you wish your life away? How much time did you ever have for you? Why did you care about what people thought? What are you going to do now? What will you change today? How will tomorrow go?

Where’s the revolution? Come on people you’re letting me down (hint at my next blog!)

Every Day is Simply Just Déjà VuThere is so much opportunity in the world, so much potential. Don’t get stuck in that rut – allow yourself to change, grasp the chance of true happiness. Get rid of discontent, anxiety, frustration, anger and negative emotion – they have no place in anyone’s actuality. Make a plan. Do something awesome. Never limit yourself. I truly do believe in everyone’s ability to experience step and gradual change. Why shouldn’t utopia be one’s reality, or at least our version of or at least strive toward it?

I would like to close with one last point. There is so much we don’t understand in this world. Questions to be answered, I suppose I could term it as awareness or enlightenment, simply awakened. Maybe as I move closer, my paradigms, vibe and outlook has changed – as I move away from the constant cycle that people get stuck in, the more I see how imprisoning it is and the more difficult it becomes to break free. If you feel imprisoned, from whatever presenting issue it may be, give me a ring to talk about your dream of freedom – it is closer than you think you know.

Enjoy the weekend and do something different – even just for a minute. Live.

Best wishes,

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One thought on “Is Simply Just Déjà Vu

  1. Love that last line of doing something different, even for a minute. I really like your mindset, it’s very similar to mine and I also agree that the food industry is killing us. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading 🙂


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