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Acupuncture is a holistic health techniqueue that stems from Traditional Chinese Medicine practices in which trained practitioners stimulate specific points on the body by inserting thin needles into the skin.


Located in Vancouver, B.C.
Dr. Weidong Yu
Dr. Weidong Yu graduated from Shandong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1983, where he studied both Traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicine for five years, to earn a Bachelor of Medicine degree.In 1991, he earned a Master’s degree in Public Health from the School of Public Health, Free University of Brussels, Belgium.Dr. Yu has practiced both Traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicine at Binzhou Medical College Hospital as a resident physician. He also worked as an Assistant Research Fellow at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, the best research institute in Chinese medicine in China. Dr. Yu has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine in Belgium, the United States and Canada. Dr. Yu is the author of more than 30 publications in both Chinese and English medical literature, and lectures internationally.
He is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of California, United States and a Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.
Web Site: tcmrp

masamichi-d-shibataLocated in Vancouver, B.C.
Dr.Masamichi D. Shibata 

Masamichi D. Shibata was born in Japan 1966 and he is a registered acupuncturist in Vancouver, BC. He graduated from Toyoshinkyu College of Oriental Medicine in Tokyo, Japan in 1988 where he was inspired and learned Oriental Medicine directed by gynecologists and obstetricians Dr. Nobuyasu Ishino, MD, PhD and Dr. Shingo Ishino, MD, PhD. While studying full time, he gained practical experience in soft tissue disorders and studied Sports Medicine at Komori Sports Clinic in Tokyo for two years. It is the most renowned and respected sports clinic in the Japanese world of sports. He received his National Massage and Shiatsu Licenses in 1987 and his Acupuncture and Moxibustion Licenses in 1988. His clinical experience covers a wide range of neurological and musculoskeletal disorders such as TMJ, back pain, sciatica and knee injuries as well as treatment success with hormonal and menstrual disorders such as migraines, PMS, menopause and emotional stress. Mr. Shibata is a member of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia, the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture of BC (ATCMA) and the Alternative & Integrative Medical Society, University of British Columbia. He also supports MSF (Doctors Without Borders).Web Site: Dr.Masamichi D. Shibata 

jesszerrLocate in Vancouver, B.C.
Dr.Jessica Zerr
Jessica Zerr is a Registered Acupuncturist, Certified Sports Medicine Acupuncture Specialist and Kinesiologist in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. She completed her education at the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Calgary, Alberta and graduated with a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma. She advanced her education with a two-month acupuncture and herbal internship at the Mianyang TCM Hospital in China, where she studied with renowned TCM doctors. Prior to studying acupuncture Jessica obtained her Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary and most recently in 2015 she completed her Sports Medicine Acupuncture certification.
Web Site:Dr Jessica Zerr


Locate in Vancouver, B.C.
Dr. May Wang
Dr. Wang is a registered doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a registered acupuncturist in BC, an instructor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a member of the BC Qualified Acupuncturist & Traditional Chinese Medicine Association.
After attaining her M.D. from Chongqing University of Medical Sciences, China, she worked as M.D. in a hospital. During her 15 years of practicing Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, she developed effective treatment therapies. She was not only dedicated to clinic practice, but also to clinic research and instructing students of medical schools. Web Site: Dr. May Wang 

david-arnoldLocate in Victoria, B.C.
David Arnold
David Arnold began with the five year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) program at the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Victoria, BC.  Since then, he has also had the privilege of an intensive internship in China at the renowned Cheng Du University TCM Hospital, working in Pediatrics, Cardiology, Rheumatology, Diabetes, Gastroenterology and Respiratory, in both Internal Medicine and Acupuncture Departments.  Further professional studies include graduating from the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine in Portland, OR and having been designated a Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine.  David is a currently a Registered Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (R.TCM.P) and therefore licensed in the province of BC to use Acupuncture and prescribe Herbal Medicine.
Prior to his studies in Chinese Medicine David graduated from the Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine and has been running a successful practice as a Classical Homeopath for many years.  He has also completed the 3 year post-graduate Luminos Master Clinician Course.
Web Site: David Arnold

travis-mcindoeLocated in Kelowna, B.C.
Travis McIndoe
Travis McIndoe (TCMP) is both an acupuncturist and master herbalist. He has lived in Asia for over ten years and has received advanced training in Taiwan and China in treating pain, infertility, depression, and many other conditions.  He has obtained certificates from Zhe Zhang University of Chinese Medicine, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and and the Taiwan International Medical Training Center in Taipei.  Travis has also interned as an acupuncturist at Taipei Hospital, Nanjing University Hospital, and Zhe Jiang University hospital.  Travis has studied acupuncture with and been taught by some of the top acupuncturists from China, Taiwan, and North America learning ancient techniques capable of producing dramatic results in short periods of time. He has traveled great distances from Sri Lanka to China to learn from the most famous acupuncturists and herbalists, spending time with them and interning in their clinics. He received both Acupuncture and Master Herbalist diplomas from the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, a satellite  school of the prestigious Beijing University of Chinese Medicine has a Masters degree in acupuncture with a special focus in the treatment of pain from Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jiang Su province, China. Web Site: Travis McIndoe


Located in Kelowna, B.C.
Rhianda Linsdell
In 2005, after completing my Doctor of Chinese Medicine studies in Vancouver BC, I began the long personal and professional journey that brings me to today. In the 10 years since graduation, I moved from Vancouver to the beautiful Okanagan; I opened a successful practice which I sold when my husband and I had our two beautiful children; I took some time to focus on motherhood and raise our kids to school and nearly-school age; and I opened my second practice.
I have learned many lessons and grown immeasurably, both as a person and a practitioner, over the past decade. In my evolution as a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, it has become very clear to me that we need to harness the incredible power of energetics – a force we cannot see, but which affects us all through every moment of our existence.
Web Site: Rhianda Linsdell 

dr-sung-soo-yoonLocated in Burnaby, B.C.
Dr. Sung Soo Yoon
Owner of Yoon Clinic – Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

– CTCMA Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine 
– CTCMA Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac)
-Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
-(Graduate 2011-PCU College of Holistic Medicine)
-Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine
-(Graduate 2005-Merinol College of TCM)
-Instructor at PCU College of Holistic Medicine
-Member of British Columbia Association of TCM & Acupuncture Practitioners
-Member of Society for Acupuncture Injection Therapy (SAIT)
-Member of Acupoint and Regeneration Injection Association of BC (ARIABC)
-Member of KIMSA (Korea Impulsion magnetic stimulation Association)
-Acupuncturist on Norwegian Cruise Line (2007) Web Site: Dr. Sung Soo Yoon

anissa-tamLocated in Richmond, B.C.
Anissa Tam
As a licensed Acupuncturist (R.Ac), Herbalist (R.TCM.H), TCM Practitioner (R.TCM.P) and Certified Reflexologist, I put over 12 years of experience to work for my patients. In an effort to further my expertise, I have achieved a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Herb at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, China. Web Site: Anissa Tam

siana-ganLocated in Richmond, B.C.
Siana Gan
A Doctor of TCM, Registered Acupuncturist, Registered Herbalist, I offer patients a full spectrum of treatments to alleviate chronic conditions and maintain wellness. At Anissa Health Care Services, I provide treatments ranging from pain relief to weight loss and treat patients 5-years-old and older.
Web Site: Siana Gan


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