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Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy involving the encouragement of free self-expression through painting, drawing, or modeling.


Located in North Vancouver, B.C.
Dr. Duanita G. Eleniak
Duanita G. Eleniak, PhD, received her doctorate in the Philosophy of Consciousness Studies from the Intern
ational University of Professional Studies. She has a Masters in Clinical Social Work from the University of Hawaii, a Masters Certificate in Art Therapy from the British Columbia School of Art Therapy, a Diploma in Fine Arts (Performance) from the New Image School of Fine Arts and her Bachelors in Social Welfare from the University of Calgary.Dr. Duanita is the Program Director for the Master in Counselling Psychology: Art Therapy program at Adler University, Vancouver Campus. She is a mentor for doctoral students in the Expressive Arts Therapy programat the International University of Professional Studies. She teaches courses in the Master of Education in School Counselling for City University, Vancouver. Wweb Site: Dr. Duanita G. Eleniak

laura-worrall-vancouver-meltal-health-and-counselling-in-vancouver-lazzaro-pisuLocated in New Westminster, B.C.
Laura Worrall
Laura has been a practicing art therapist for the past 16 years, and received her art therapy training from the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute in 1995. Laura also completed her Masters in Counselling with a Specialization in Art Therapy (MC:AT) from the University of Calgary. Laura has a great deal of experience working in agencies offering art therapy to children who have experienced loss and trauma.

Web Site: Laura Worrall


jane-kane-vancouver-wellness-mental-health-counselling-lazzaro-pisu Located in North Vancouver, B.C.
Jane Kane
She has been a registered professional member of
the BC Art Therapy Association (BCATR) for 20 years, the Canadian Art Therapy Association (RCAT) and an international professional member of the American Art Therapy Association. She has served as President of the BC Art Therapy Association, as well as holding their Registration Committee Chair position.

Web Site: Jane Kane


karen-coulombe-vancouver-wellness-lazzaro-pisu-vancouver-mental-wellnessLocated in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, B. C.
Karen Coulombe


Focusing Oriented Art Therapist


Web Site: Karen Coulombe

keisei-yevonne-anzaiLocated in Vancouver B.C.
Keisei Yevonne Anzai

Web Site: Keisei Yevonne Anzai






catherine-fraser-vancouver-mental-health-lazzaro-pisu-vancouver-counsellingLocated in Duncan, B.C
Catherine Fraser
Since 1989 I have practiced as an art therapist. Expanding aspects of caring, increasing creativity promotes and empowers client self-awareness in a supportive environment. I value and believe in self-expression and communication, encouraging exploration, experimentation and extending creative abilities.  I encourage people to explore and develop their own visual language and self expression using a variety of materials. I work with people who desire to be creative, people who feel blocked and people with different health conditions such as ALS, strokes, depression and cancer. Web Site:
 Catherine Fraser


Located in Vancouver, B.C.
Charlotte Spafford
Charlotte Spafford is the main force behind Spark Art Therapy, and is an art therapist located in Vancouver, B.C. She has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Victoria and a Master’s Level Diploma in Art Therapy from the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. She also has an ongoing personal art practice. 
Charlotte has worked with a wide range of communities, including grieving families; children and teenagers with ADHD, depression, and/or anxiety; individuals with disabilities, adults going through personal transition, children affected by/infected with HIV; and seniors with dementia. Web Site: Charlotte Spafford


Located in Colwood, B.C
Alannah MacPhail
I have always believed in the resilience and courage of the human spirit, our ability to create change in our lives, and our need for compassion and connection. My work as an educator and art therapist with children and adults – special needs, stroke survival, trauma, anxiety, mental health and addictions, life transitions and wellness – has only strengthened this belief.
Wweb Site: Alannah MacPhail


Located in Vancouver, B.C.
Ara Parker
Ara Parker is Chair of the Department of Psychotherapy & Spirituality and Faculty Lecturer, Art Therapy, at St. Stephen’s College, affiliated with the University of Alberta in Edmonton.
 Ara’s doctoral dissertation is on spiritually-informed art therapy. Ara Parker received her Master of Arts, Expressive Arts Therapies, from Lesley College in Cambridge, MA (1997) concurrent with studies at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. She is a Registered Art Therapist and Certified Canadian Counsellor. Ara also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Journalism. 
Ara Parker has worked in private practice, social service and mental health agencies, and is a Clinical Supervision. Ara has been working in Arts and Health for many years, as a Psychotherapist, Educator, Board Member, Media Producer, Community Liaison and Consultant. Web Site: Ara Parker

dimutara-vancouver-bc-wellness-therapy-lazzaro-pisu-canada-mental-health-counsellingLocated in Grand Forks, B.C.
After an extensive training and with my experience in the areas of Psychology, Expressive Arts Therapy and Medical Assistance over 20 years, I developed and implemented these in “Healing Arts Therapy”. I have successfully used “Healing Arts Therapy” since 1991 in my private practice in Switzerland, where I treated clients with serious disorders, such as incest, depression, cancer, suicide, alcohol-drug abuse, anorexia etc.
“Healing Arts Therapy” is a holistic approach to mental and physical health and contains a variety of different methods. It distinguishes itself from the traditional psychotherapy by working with all levels of the person (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). In order to change destructive patterns, “Healing Arts Therapy” works with the unconscious body and its hidden emotions to bring into awareness the root cause of the problems. It is fundamental for inner growth, to be seen in our potential rather than in our mistakes. Therefore “Healing Arts Therapy” has a strong focus on the individual vision of each person. We learn how to bring this vision into life by strengthening our inherent qualities of patience, endurance, self-confidence, humility, creativity and forgiveness to mention a few.Web Site: Dimutara


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