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Music therapy is an allied health profession and one of the expressive therapies, consisting of a process in which a music therapist uses music and all of its facets—physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual—to help clients improve their physical and mental health.

lucy-cross-vancouver-bc-hypnotherapy-lazzaro-pisuLocated in Vancouver, B.C.
Lucy Cross
Lucy has been playing the violin for over 25 years, and has training on piano, guitar, voice and didgeridoo.  She received a Bachelor of Music from the University of Birmingham, UK, with a focus on instrumental teaching for people with learning disabilities.  She went on to complete a Bachelor of Music Therapy from Capilano University, BC, and is now a professional music therapist working in the Vancouver area. Lucy’s clinical experience includes work at Vancouver General hospital on the Palliative Care Unit; Burn, Trauma and High Acuity Unit; and the Hemodialysis Unit, on which she pioneered a patient centered model of care specific for people with End Stage Renal Disease. She has also worked with seniors with varying levels of dementia, and children in the Vancouver school system with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down’s syndrome, and other learning disabilities. She was one of the founding trustees of Melody, a UK based organization that promotes instrumental teaching for people with learning disabilities, and has developed a notation system to make music accessible to people who cannot read conventional notation.  Web Site: Lucy Cross

et-music-therapy-vancouver-bc-hypnotherapyLocated in North Vancouver, B.C.
ET Music Therapy
ET Music Therapy is based on one simple principle: Music is one of the most motivating and effective mediums for building strong connections with individuals with Autism and other special needs. Is an established music therapy practice , serving the metro Vancouver area for the past 20 years.The dynamic musica  provides a safe, nurturing environment in which an individual can feel secure and confident to explore. Because music has stimulating, sensory, motivational and emotive qualities, it can be used as a tool to elicit music, verbal, emotional or corporeal responses and promote interaction and engagement in an enjoyable and often effortless way. Web Site: ET Music Therapy

joseph-lee-music-therapy-vancouver-bc-lazzaro-pisuLocated in Vancouver, B.C.
Joseph Lee

My credentials include a Master of Music degree with concentration in music therapy (Colorado State University), a Bachelor of Music Therapy degree (Capilano University) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology (University of British Columbia). I am also trained in using advanced neurologic music therapy techniques (R.F. Unkefer Academy).
I am nationally accredited by the Canadian Association for Music Therapy and certified by the Certification Board for Music Therapists in the United States of America. I also hold an ARCT diploma in piano performance (Royal Conservatory of Music) and provide services as a professional musician.Web Site:Joseph Lee

music-therapy-vancouver-bc-lazzaro-pisu-hypnotherapyLocated in Richmond, BC
Mary Cobham, Alexina Davis, Amelia Koebel, Sheila Lee
She.Lee.Music provide music therapy and music education services.She.Lee.Music mission is to provide quality services that promote health, wellness, learning and creative expression for people of all ages and abilities.We have worked with various organizations and clients in the Greater Vancouver Area including elementary and secondary schools, daycares, group homes, hospitals, and senior care facilities. We bring music into people’s lives and work together with them to find ways to improve their mind, body, and spirit.Web Site: She.Lee.Music

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