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Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

cheryluphill-belizeyogaLocated in Vancouver, B.C.
Cheryl Uphill
With Cheryl’s passion and focus for well-being, she started her yogic journey back in 1992 when she moved to Vancouver BC to pursue a more holistic lifestyle. Cheryl came from a physical way of life after 25 years of martial arts. In search for balance in the daily stresses of life, and managing chronic pain from many injuries, she discovered mediation and energetic awareness trainings. The melding of these two disciplines created a more balanced mind body approach. With the internal balance & focus that she acquired through karate her transition to Hatha yoga was a natural progression that led to her into incorporating yoga into her daily life. Just as Karate was a way of life for Cheryl then so became yoga…After years of study, and teaching her martial students yoga, Cheryl fully realized her ambitions to become a yoga therapist & teacher when she went & embarked in an intensive yoga training at the ashram Anand Praksh located in Rishikesh, India. Web Site: Cheryl Uphill

annette-bailey-vancouver-bcLocated in Vancouver B.C.
Annette Bailey
Annette’s genuine love for people and her unique and non-invasive approach make it possible for clients of all levels and interests to find peace and grounding in their everyday lives.  Annette believes every person has unique individual needs and therefore she works exclusively one-to-one. Her professional practice provides a supportive atmosphere to promote healing and wellbeing on all levels physical, mental, and energetic.  In addition to yoga and healing Annette has strong roots in modern dance, visual arts, and photography.  She grew up in Ontario and completed her fine arts studies at the University of Western Ontario in 2002.  She then went on to study yoga and healing in White Rock, Vancouver, California, and abroad.  Annette’s professional practice is in Vancouver Canada where she resides. Web Site: Annette Bailey

jules-payneLocated in Victoria, B.C.
Jules Payne
I began practicing yoga with the idea that it would make me stronger. Yoga did help my strength, and it also helped me slow down to live a happier life. As I learned more about yoga, I discovered other therapeutic benefits that have helped me with a life-long struggle with insomnia and back pain from scoliosis. I was inspired by these discoveries to pursue an education in Yoga Therapy. Jules has been training teachers of yoga since 2004 and co-founded Ajna Yoga with Michelle Kahan in 2008.  Her own training is in Vijnana, Anusara, Ashtanga, and Integrative Yoga Therapy. Jules received her certification as a Yoga Therapist with Integrative Yoga Therapy. Web Site: Jules Payne

tierney-crickmayLocated in Vancouver, B.C.
Tierney Crickmay
Tierney Crickmay lives to experience the world through movement. Her kinesthetic training started in ballet at age 6, by age 9 the National Ballet School in Toronto. Next was traveling, hiking, kayaking, and her love of surfing. Yoga was natural progression for her, but it wasn’t until 2005 that Tierney fully committed to a daily yoga practice. A serious accident left her in chronic pain and greatly limited her physicality. So she turned to yoga to heal and regenerate her body mind and spirit. Spring 2007 Tierney completed her RYT-200 in Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. In 2008 she trained with BJ Galvin, levels 1&2 Anusara. 2008 she studied anatomy with Cora Van Wyck. 2009 tierney embarked on a 3year program with Maggie Reagh ( and Lindsay Whalen with Yoga Therapy International. In 2012 YTI included 250 hours of training at yoga Raksanam ( in Chennai, India. Studies in India included the sutras and yoga therapy practicum with DV Sridhar, Vedic Chanting with Radha Sridhar and The Gita Viji Vasu all of whom studied for many years at KYM (Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram).
Web Site: Tierney Crickmay 

rachel-rozenLocated in Vancouver, B.C.
Rachel Rozen
After a few years of teaching, I took another big step and opened my own studio right in the heart of the place where I was raised and have such a strong connection; the gorgeous North Shore!  The Yoga Root was conceived from wanting to take my experience and passion to the next level, and offer a space to those seeking an intimate and connected Yoga practice, while bringing students a sense of community that may be missing from their lives.  My focus is to promote confidence in my students by creating a safe, non-competitive environment.  I offer modifications in postures to ensure that each individual, from the fitness-minded “workout warrior” looking for a little stretching, flexibility and balance, to those struggling with resisting the experience all together, gets the most out of their practice. Web Site: Rachel Rozen

annette-wertmanLocated in Vancouver, B.C.
Annette Wertman
I am a certified yoga instructor and registered music therapist, in Vancouver, BC, specializing in chair yoga. I have over 40 years of experience working with children and adults of all abilities and challenges. I completed the requirements for an M.A. in Gerontology at Simon Fraser University. I teach ‘Yoga with Chair’ through Yoga Outreach, the Council of Senior Citizen’s Organizations of BC, the Jewish Community Center, Hillcrest Community Centre, the RoundHouse Community Centre, South Burnaby Neighborhood House, Windermere Care Center, Courtland Terrace, The Poppy Residences, South Vancouver Neighbourhood House, at Condo 518 and also privately. Come July 2014 I will also lead yoga classes at the new Senior Living Legacy:Leo Wertman Residence. I have also presented workshops at the Vancouver Yoga Show, the Toronto Yoga Show, Semperviva Yoga Center and for the Canadian Association of Gerontology, the Canadian Nurses Association, the International Council on Active Ageing, the Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of BC and BC Recreation and Parks Board. Web Site: Annette Wertman

tierney-desireeLocated in Vancouver, B.C .
Tierney Desirée
Yoga therapy has taught me the principles of alignment through Iyengar yoga with Lindsay Whalen Other subjects in YT include Ayurveda-Indian medicine, anatomy and physiology through learning the systems of the body the ailments and disease and the corresponding limbs of yoga which can help a person help from that sickness. YT teaches various pranayama practices, the yoga sutras, the Bhagavad gita, yoga philosophy and asana practices for all range of mobility. My life is yoga. I love yoga, I live breath yoga. I teach from the heart. I love to share my belief that the body is an amazing machine which is capable of truly incredible feats. I let my experience with injury and recovery be a beacon of hope for others. Web Site: Tierney Crickmay

asraelLocated in Cowichan Bay, BC
Born in Detroit, Michigan, Asrael always felt connected to a deeper sense of life.
There was the innate knowledge that her path would lead her into the world of transformation and conciousness.  As a child and teen Asrael grew into her intuition and started her journey into yoga, and past life work.  She also embraced travelling and adventure.  After a few years of university, majoring in theatre, the natural world called and she spent time travelling the west coast of the United States, learning about and wildcrafting wild herbs.Web Site: Asrael


Located in Vancouver,BC
Shivani Wells
As a yoga therapist using holistic, body-oriented practices that integrate gentle yoga, embodied mindfulness, neuroscience, and humanistic psychology, Shivani’s goal is to help individuals live more authentic, consciously embodied, and empowered lives.
Shivani creates a warm and non-judgmental environment for you to explore what’s happening for you. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a multi-disciplinary approach that combines client-centered dialogue, embodied mindfulness, and gentle supported postures. Sessions can also include touch as a way to support presence in the body, and this is up to the comfort of the client. The therapist’s main role is to create a safe and compassionate space where you can show up as yourself, with all the parts of you – both the dark and the light, and begin to acknowledge and accept what’s happening for you as a condition of growth and change. Web Site: Shivani Wells

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