Past Life Regression:

  • Did you ever get the feeling that you have been here before? Did you ever visit a place or a country and immediately have some strange affinity to the place and feel as though you have come home?
  • Did you ever go somewhere that you had never visited before and yet somehow knew just what was around the corner?
  • Did you ever have that strange feeling that a person you just met was completely familiar, like you had known them all your life?
  • Did you ever take an instant dislike to someone for no apparent reason?

    Perhaps what you were experiencing is a residue of a past life. Just maybe, you really have lived before… and just maybe somewhere in your subconscious mind is the memory of that experience that gets triggered now and again when you connect to something familiar.

The use of past life regression in hypnotherapy goes back decades. Psychiatrist Brian Weiss* has been working with clients in this manner since 1980, when one of his clients discussed her past life experiences during a hypnotherapy session. He later confirmed the experiences that she talked about with public records and it made him a believer in past lives. Knowing that they existed, he used past life experiences with his clients to help them learn things about their present life.

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How does it work? What happens during this session?

Past Life Regression Therapy generally takes around two hours. That gives time for you to prepare for your ‘journey’ and establish your goals.

Once you have a clear idea of how the process works you are then guided into a state of deep relaxation or light hypnosis, which is a perfectly natural state that everyone experiences for instance in daydreaming or just before you drift off to sleep. In this state you can gain access to deeper stored memories. The past life recall is similar to when you recall a holiday, you may not remember it all but key elements will jump out. The session is designed to help you gain insights into your present life conditions and the reasons for some key choices or beliefs and may enable you to get a greater sense of your current life purpose. You may get the chance to identify members of your soul group who have joined you in this life and in other lives and clear any unwanted baggage that comes with these connections. 

With this therapy you can see and re-live your own past life experiences. Some people regress into two or three different past lives within one session. Usually the reincarnations you go to during any particular sessions are the ones which are relevant to problems you are experiencing now, helping you understand why you act the way you do, or where some of your fears come from. Experiencing first hand past reincarnations can bring radical changes and healing to your present life and help you avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.

How It Works

Working with past life regression is an area called “transpersonal hypnotherapy.” Transpersonal hypnotherapy is all about your spiritual journey. For many people, this journey can be long and arduous; but finding out the truth about yourself and where or who you’ve been in your past lives can really make a difference about the way you look at the life you are living in the present. Dr. Brian Weiss (Psychiatrist) believes in the method of using past life experiences to learn about the present and claims to have regressed more than 4,000 clients, helping them to find help for their phobias, ailments, and other obstacles along their spiritual journey.

In a relaxed state of hypnosis,I will guide you through your past lives.

You’ll talk about your past life experiences during your session, learning interconnectedness with the lives you’ve lived before.

During each session, you can find that you are closer to peace, love, and wisdom within yourself.

After your sessions, you can bring what you’ve learned about your past lives into your present life, using that wisdom to achieve true enlightenment.

Everyone’s spiritual journey is different. When you wake from your past life regression, your hypnotherapist will help guide you through the experiences that you learned about.

Seeing your past lives could give you revelations about the life that you are presently living.

Past  life regression will help you sort out what you’ve learned so that you can utilize it in your present life.

No spiritual journey is concrete. You have to enter into the experience of learning about your past lives with an open mind.

Achieving True Enlightenment.

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