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Welcome to Quantum Healing Hypno Therapy: The Power of Your Mind

There is a natural healing force within you. It is your most powerful weapon against disease. Your body is a miracle of nature and has an extraordinary talent to heal itself.
When the Mind observes a set of circumstances or phenomena, it has an impact on the outcome (“the observer effect”). The impact the Mind will have upon the outcome will be determined by the state of Mind of the observer. In Quantum Healing, the Mind is the primary instrument used to heal the body.

Quantum healing is a pseudo-scientific mixture of quantum mechanics, psychology, philosophy, and neurophysiology. Advocates of quantum healing assert that quantum phenomena govern health and wellbeing. There are a number of different versions, which allude to various quantum ideas including wave particle duality and virtual particles, and more generally to “energy” and to vibrations. Quantum healing is a form of alternative medicine.

Quantum Spirituality. In quantum physics, objects are possibilities residing in a domain of potentiality outside of space and time. In this domain, no signals are required for communication when two objects are in a state of correlation or entanglement; communication is instantaneous. Such instant communication is forbidden in space and time, where communication must take place through an exchange of signals, and that has a speed limit.

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Hypnotherapy is Not what you may think it is.

For many years hypnotherapy has been made out to be some woo-woo magic trick where the guy with the “pocket watch” waves it in front of somebody’s face and forces them to release their control over their own mind. This could not be farther from the Truth. There is no “mind controlling” done in hypnosis. When we think of hypnosis the first thing that seems to pop into many peoples minds are the performances done on T.V. or as an act at a party or on a cruise ship. The entertainer during these “acts” want the audience to believe that the person hypnotized has no control and will do anything the entertainer tells the person to do.

alternative medicine in Vancouver, alternative therapies in Vancouver

Although it may look like this is really happening, it is not.

What is REALLY going on behind the scenes is a persons willingness to “not disappoint” the crowd of people watching the show. They follow along with the commands given because they are in the spot light. It is the moment where “all eyes are on them” and naturally a person wants to give in and go with the flow of the entertainment, allowing themselves to feel loose and follow along with the movements directed to them.
They have complete control over their own actions. Freewill never leaves a person, not even for one second. We always have control of our own actions no matter what situation or circumstance we may face. With that said, the Truth about hypnotherapy may surprise most people.
We naturally go through hypnosis on our own every single day.

Our brain consistently goes through a pattern of 4 major wavelengths every single day.

These natural brain wavelengths are classified as:
~Beta: wide awake, alert.
~Alpha: light trance; e.g. relaxed watching t.v.
~Theta: deep trance; e.g. meditation, deeply relaxed, day dreaming.
~Delta: deep in sleep.

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Dr Lazzaro Pisu

In a normal functioning brain, which you have if you are reading this sentence, we are constantly going in and out of “hypnotic trances” daily.

Really amazing isn’t it!?
Most people have no idea this is even going on during their life, but it is the natural way of a fully functioning, healthy human mind.

Over many years, hypnotherapy has been used for “simple” healing acts such as to help a person quit smoking, lose weight, and to overcome fears. The reason why this original technique of hypnotherapy does not usually stick for a person’s lifetime is because the practitioner keeps their client in the “light trance” of Alpha.

Since the 17th century, the discovery of what hypnotherapy can really do has come a long way. The discovery of what the human mind can do in a deep hypnotic trance is unbelievable. Our minds are capable of so much, especially when it comes to controlling our own behaviors.

One person we can thank the most for exploring past the written lines of Quantum hypnotherapy and venturing into the unknown aspects of it is Lazzaro Pisu.
Lazzaro Pisu developed a technique of Quantum hypnotherapy called HBMD Hypno Behavioral Mind Direction technique, base on the natural Quantum of Energy Field, that change peoples lives forever for the better. The transformations that can be made by the individuals will to change is remarkable, and the amount of healing that can take place physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually is unfathomable.

HBMD reach the deepest part of a person to fully understand who they are and to understand how they can change unwanted habits, break negative life patterns, and release health issues. This is something that generations of Buddhist monks, Hindus, and all others who spend years of soul searching through meditation seek; to connect with the absolute deepest part of yourself in order to gain wisdom and guidance through inner knowing.

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